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mr. perestroika: on globalization of the apsa and apsr: a political science manifesto (scroll down)
yale herald: poli sci profs: from studying revolt to starting one
david pion-berlin (uc-riverside): letter
the new york times: political scientists are in a revolution instead of watching
sven steinmo (colorado): perestroika/glasnost and 'taking back the apsr'
allen, et al.: an open letter to the apsa leadership and members
kasza, et al: technicism supplanting disciplinarity among political scientists
therese s. gunawardena - vaughn: discipline out of touch with real-world concerns
the guardian: unreal, man
pae: revolt in political science
peregrine schwartz - shea (utah): curricular visions: doctoral program requirements, offerings, and the meanings of 'political science'
hayward alker (usc): curricular perestroika: comments on schwartz - shea's 'curricular visions
gregory kasza (indiana): perestroika: for an ecumenical science of politics
the chronicle of higher education: storming the palace, and a discussion with rogers smith (penn)
new york observer: how cult internet character mr. perestroika divided n.y.u.'s political science department
andrei yuri lubodrumov: perestroika, epistemology, and discipline: redefinitions of a political science

anne norton (penn): the double parochialism of american social science: the perestroika movement as antidote
peregrine schwartz - shea (utah): issues in curricular design
penn current: political science gets political
rogers smith (penn): should we make political sience more of a science or more about politics?
russell hardin: whither political science?
susanne hoeber rudolph: in defense of diverse forms of knowledge
stephen earl bennet (appalachian state): 'perestroika' lost: why the latest 'reform' movement in political science should fail
mr. pravda: some thoughts on perestroika and political science
apsa annual conference: in the wake of perestroika: critical political science
larry diamond (stanford): statement to the perestroika meeting to the apsa
gregory kasza (indiana): deserve's got nuthin' to do with it: perestroika and the nature of ideas in today's academy
john dryzek (anu): a pox on perestroika, a hex on hegemony: towards a critical political science
yale alumni magazine: it's all political
university of chicago magazine: revolution from within
sanford schram (bryn mawr): return to politics: perestroika and postparadigmatic political science
todd landman (essex): rebutting 'perestroika': method and substance in political science