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The Political Theory Daily Review is a portal weblog on political theory and philosophy, updated every weekday. Our aim is to provide a central space on the Web where our visitors can save time in staying on top of the news. We link to articles and essays that can be read free of charge and that are relevant to the field of political theory, broadly conceived to cover a wide range of subjects, perspectives, and methodologies.

There are also several supporting pages that serve as guides for resources found online. The older posts of the Review can be found in the archives.

Feel free to send us information on relevant links, or to submit papers or reviews of recently-published books and journal articles. We also invite authors and publishers to send us copies of books and manuscripts so that we can post reviews at the time the work reaches the general public.

The following papers are hosted at this site: Simon Critchley (New School): The Problem of Hegemony; Kurt Jacobsen (Chicago): Perestroika dans la science politique americaine; Angel Jaramillo (New School): Leo Strauss: A life in the light of Martin Heidegger; Ernesto Laclau (Essex): Ethics, Normativity, and the Heteronomy of Law; John Lachs (Vanderbilt): The Future of Philosophy; John P. McCormick (Chicago): Rousseau’s Rome and the repudiation of populist republicanism; Pratap Mehta (JNU): Empire and Moral Identity; Allan Mendoza: The Disquietude of Development: Narratives, Palliatives, and Alternatives; Matthew Specter (Duke): Perpetual War or Perpetual Peace? Schmitt, Habermas and Theories of American Empire; and Nadia Urbinati (Columbia): Can Cosmopolitical Democracy be Democratic? and a Review of Norberto Bobbio's Autobiografia.

The editor of this site is Alfredo Perez, a PhD student in political science at the New School for Social Research.

To learn more about the website and its editor, please visit the online magazine Inside Higher Ed, which carried out an interview with Mr. Perez.

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